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Primordial Psyche: A Reliving of the Soul of Ancestors: A Jungian and Transpersonal Worldview

by Diego Pignatelli Spinazzola Primordial Psyche (iUniverse 2011) introduces innovative perspectives to personality disorders and their connection with the unconscious phenomena,tribal rituals in pre-ancestral religions,magical thinking and animistic thought as well as visionary revelations in ancient worldviews from an archetypal perspective.This Jungian synthesis by Diego Pignatelli introduces a new positive evolutionary theory of borderline psychosis,the… Read More »

Free Jungian Books to Good Owners!

Free Books to Good Owners! (David Tacey, June 2009) I would like to inform everyone interested in Jungian Studies and Analytical Psychology that there are 15 important books available online now, free of charge, to anyone who wants to download them. Jung Society members, friends, and students need to be told about this offer, which… Read More »

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