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Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies: Presents…

Wednesday 3 December 2014 Open Seminar (Colchester Campus) ‘Psychoanalysis, Developmental Psychology, and Neuroscience: Consilience over the First Year of Life’ Professor Jim Hopkins (Kings College London) Abstract: Recent findings in developmental psychology (particularly attachment research), as well as new work in neuroscience, show a rapidly increasing consilience with Psychoanalysis. Neuroscience now provides accounts of what… Read More »

The New School for Analytical Psychology

Hi everybody, We have been busy in Seattle establishing the foundation for a society that offers another perspective of analytical psychology and psychoanalysis. Below is information about our inaugural events. Thanks for your curiosity. Robin McCoy Brooks The New School for Analytical Psychology invites you to attend our 2015 Inaugural Event Shame, Truth and the… Read More »

The Feeling of Certainty A Conference in Recognition of the Work of Karl Figlio
CHECK OUT – A play by Jonathan Chadwick

Tuesday 18 November 2014 Starting at 8.15pm A play by Jonathan Chadwick The muse, the mentor, the oracle and the sphinx A popular uprising brings turmoil to the city streets. A radical writer encounters his former protégée, muse and lover, while he is waiting for a train to take him off to join the resistance.… Read More »

Jay Sherry – talk followed by discussion with Gary Lachman at the Freud Museum London

Andrew and Murray mentioned  Jay Sherry the other day.  I had an email from him yesterday letting me know that he’s going to speaking at the Freud museum in London on January 13th.  He’s well worth hearing. Here’s the title and the link: Freud Museum, London.  13 January 2015  7pm Carl Gustav Jung: avant-garde conservative,… Read More »

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