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Conundrums: A Critique of Contemporary Psychoanalysis. Jon Mills Keynote speaker in Tel Aviv

In the event there may be any interest by members in Israel, here is a flyer on a conference organized on my book, Conundrums: A Critique of Contemporary Psychoanalysis. I will be the Keynote speaker in Tel Aviv on Friday Feb 13, 2015, providing the Canadian government continues to allow us to fly during these… Read More »

Dear all I’m pleased to announce the recent publication of the book, ‘The Behavioral Sciences in Dialogue with the Theory and Practice of Analytical Psychology’ (MDPI: Basel and Beijing; ISBN 978-3-03842-002-6). A preview of the book will soon be available via this link: I edited the book, and it includes eleven chapters (see below),… Read More »

MA in Jungian Studies

Download the PDF here: MAJ_Concepts_17329[1]-1

New Book: Passions, Persons, Psychotherapy, Politics The selected works of Andrew Samuels By Andrew Samuels

From Andrew Samuels: Routledge have just published my Selected Works in their new series World Library of Mental Health. The title is Passions, Persons, Psychotherapy, Politics. Routledge gives the authors a free hand in selecting from all their previously published works (whoever published them originally), preferably book chapters. So, in my case, the material covers… Read More »

Chiron Publications – New Releases

Greetings! It’s been a busy year for Chiron Publications with the release of four new books and one revised edition. The subject of three of these range from Death to Breast Cancer to Transformation. Chiron is also pleased to release the first biography of Emma Jung, a powerful figure in the development of Analytical Psychology.… Read More »

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