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Psychoanalysis, Culture and Society [Hardcover]

David Henderson (Author, Editor) Book Description Publication Date: April 1, 2012 This collection embraces a range of lively and informed discussions of important themes in contemporary psychoanalytic discourse. The chapters grow out of presentations at Psychoanalysis, Culture and Society, a conference organised by the Centre for Psychoanalysis, Middlesex University, for post-graduate students and research fellows.… Read More »

The Darkening Spirit  Jung, spirituality, religion

New Book: By David Tacey The Darkening Spirit provides an overview of Jung’s vision of the spiritual situation of our time. It explores the decline of religion, the rise of spirituality, fundamentalism and violence, popular spiritual movements, the problem of evil, and the sacredness of nature. It offers a critical analysis of the prophetic role of Jung’s life… Read More »

Rhetorical Investigations  G. B. Vico and C. G. Jung

New Book By Leslie Gardner Rhetorical analysis of texts exposes plausible ‘truths’ and presumptions implied by the writer’s presentation. In this volume, Leslie Gardner analyses the master psychologist Jung, who claimed to be expert at uncovering personal, psychological truths. In his theoretical writings, his rhetoric reveals philosophical ramifications which bear strong similarities to those of the… Read More »

Writing Home by Joel Weishaus – Artist-in-Residence Pacifica Graduate Institute

It is my pleasure to announce the completion of  “Writing Home.” I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to follow this project, reading and pondering its texts and images, or who plan to in the future. It begins with the introduction: Thanks again, Joel — Joel Weishaus Artist-in-Residence Pacifica Graduate Institute 249… Read More »

Jung and Moreno Essays on the Theatre of Human Nature

Edited by Craig Stephenson To Be Published July 5th 2013 by Routledge – 224 pages To many, Jung and Moreno seem to be on opposite sides in their theories and their practices of psychotherapy. Jung defines self as emerging inwardly in an intrapsychic process of individuation; Moreno defines self as enacted outwardly in psychosocial networks of relationships. Jung… Read More »

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