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Current IAJS Executive Committee

MEMBERSHIP PRIVILEGES include access to member only areas on the website and a subscription to the “International Journal of Jungian Studies”.

In addition, members may participate in a lively online discussion forum with regular seminars. The discussion forum supports rigorous intellectual exploration and often breaks the latest news on Jungian related issues and advances.

Membership is billed annually and costs (£50.00) Sapphire or (£25.00) Emerald, for those without an income.

Become a member receive membership privileges – SIGN UP.

For further information about the IAJS please contact Elizabeth Brodersen.
To report or address any issues regarding the IAJS discussion list, website and/or  Paypal payments please email  Dr. Michael Glock.


The new IAJS Executive committee (November 2014-2017) and responsibilities:

  • Dr. David Barton Honorary Treasurer – USA
  • Dr. Elizabeth Brodersen Co-Chair IAJS. IAAP Liason – Switzerland
  • Dr. Marybeth Carter – USA
  • Peter T. Dunlap Honorary Secretary – USA
  • Dr Leslie Gardner, (Ex officio), membership secretary + IJJS liaison – UK
  • Dr. Michael Glock, Co-Chair IAJS. Media Architecture – USA
  • Stephen Farah, List Moderator IAJS – South Africa
  • Dr. Luke Hockley Editor IJJS (ex officio) – UK
  • Dr. Lucy Huskinson Editor IJJS (ex officio) – UK
  • Jean Hinson Lall Honorary Historian-Parliamentarian & Assistant Secretary – USA
  • Dr. Konoyu Nakamura – Japan

The outgoing IAJS Executive committee (2009-2014) and responsibilities:

  • Daniel Anderson, USA
  • Dr. Elizabeth Brodersen, Switzerland
  • Dr Leslie Gardner, UK, (ex officio), membership secretary + IJJS liaison
  • Dr. Michael Glock, digital architect, USA
  • Stephen Farah (IAJS list moderator)
  • Dr. Donald Lawrence Fredericksen (chairman) USA
  • Dr. Luke Hockley, editor IJJS (ex officio) UK
  • Dr. Lucy Huskinson, editor IJJS (ex officio) UK
  • Dr. Kevin Lu, UK
  • Mark Saban, UK
  • Stephani Stephens, USA
  • Joel Weishaus, USA (ex officio)
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