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 “Embrace of the Daimon: Healing through the Subtle Energy Body/Jungian Psychology and the Dark Feminine”

Embrace of the Daimon” revised for 2013 is available TODAY for FREE download on Amazon.com: SATURDAY, MARCH 16 and also SUNDAY, MARCH 17 (from appx. 12am Sat. -11:59pm Sun) You are invited to download your complimentary copy.

This book is for people who are intrigued by or struggling with the “dark feminine” shadow: the interplay of sexuality, sensuality, violence, death and transformation; the imaginal realm; subtle body dynamics; or the role of the mind/body connection in Jungian psychology /individuation. Subject matter not always easily to digest—Not for the faint of heart!

***Finalist*** Foreword Reviews Book of the Year 2012 (Body/Mind/Spirit)

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“Sandra Dennis has written a courageous, important book… that forges a bridge between the worlds of the scholar and the visionary, and in so doing makes a significant contribution to the phenomenology of altered states of…

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