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New Book – Beyond Literal Belief & Religion as Metaphor by David Tacey

Dear All, Now that Robert is back and we are talking Jung and religion, I would like to announce the publication of my new book:   Religion as Metaphor: Beyond Literal Belief.   It appeared in May 2015.  It took me 8 years to write, and fundamentalists have found they can demolish it in 2 seconds. Amazing.… Read More »

David Tacey’s Curriculum Outline/ Syllabus “Jung’s Cultural Psychology”

Dear Barbara, Al,    and anyone interested in the structure and content of my “Jung’s Cultural Psychology” subject  – Attached please find a Curriculum Outline/ Syllabus for this subject.   The reading list is in the document, but the core text is The Jung Reader.   Also find here the week-by-week description of lectures and topics. It is… Read More »

September 2010 Seminar

Dear Colleagues, The Executive Committee is pleased to launch the first seminar in the Issues in Jungian Psychology Series with David Tacey’s paper, ‘Toward A New Animism: Jung, Hillman and Analytical Psychology.’  From David some points to consider: The ecological crisis of the contemporary world has urged upon us anew kind of animism, in which… Read More »

A Brief Account of The International Association for Jungian Studies (IAJS): 2003-6 The International Association for Jungian Studies was founded by a Steering Group and the first elected Executive Committee (2003-6), consisting of the following persons: Kristine Connidis (Canada), Terence Dawson (Singapore), Don Fredericksen (USA), Leslie Gardner (UK), Ien Hazebroek-Buijs (The Netherlands), Luke Hockley (UK),… Read More »

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